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What’s the Global Climate Strike?

You’ll find more info here:

Do I need to strike?

No. The aim of #PODSTRIKE is to support the strike by helping to get the message out to the vast and diverse army of podfans. If you can strike, that’s brilliant, but we understand that not everyone can.

If your podcast is due to release on Friday 20th September, why not hold it back a day and explain why?

I’m not a Podcaster, can I help?

Yes. Contact your favourite shows on social and let them know #PODSTRIKE is happening. Send them the link to this site and ask them to sign up now.

Who’s signed up?

Lots: see the logos on the homepage.

But my show isn’t on the air at the moment?

That’s fine. As long as the feed still works, you can publish the trail and your subscribers will get it. Think of it as free content!