Signed Up, Now What?

First – look out for an email with #PODSTRIKE trails and logos.


As soon as you get them, share a logo on social and explain to your followers why you have signed up.

Please share the logo again on:

  • Friday 13th September when there’s one week to go
  • Friday 20th September to mark the day of the strike


There are two trails. Each has a different music track, kindly donated by DJ Yoda and by The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Each trail comes in two versions. One is ready to go, the other is customisable, with space for you to record and add a few sentences from your host or producer explaining why your show is supporting the strike. This will make the trail more engaging and compelling for your audience so if you can, please do.

You can release the trail as a standalone in your feed, titled #PODSTRIKE or you can place it at the top of a normal episode. Please do this ASAP to give your audience maximum chance to hear it.

Other things you can do

  • Discuss the campaign and the Global Climate Strike on the show
  • Gather soundbites from interviewees and release them in your feed, perhaps inserted into the customisable trail.
  • Spread the word among podcasters, friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, journalists, schools, universities, libraries… anyone you can think of.